Jacaru Outback Hats

Jacaru Outback Hats was founded in 1969 and offers some unique and high-quality outback hats.  Located in Australia, Jacaru knows what outback hats are all about.  They produce hats that can stand the rugged outback conditions experienced in Australia as well as harsh weather conditions experienced anywhere in the world.  Whether its rain or harsh sun, a Jacaru Outback Hat is there to protect you thanks to the hats highly protective properties.

If youíre looking for a fashionable, well-functioning hat then you should consider a Jacaru outback hat.  Jacaru offers quality Leather (Cow or Kangaroo), Exotic (Crocodile), suede, and oilskin outback hats.  They all offer plain canvas hats if you want a more toned-done look.
Jacaru Outback Hats
Jacaru uses only premium leathers for their hats.  Australian leathers are derived from pure or cross bred cattle which are fed by hand on a grain diet to produce a consistent quality of hide.  The Australian environment produces hide with superior quality and minimal defects, making it durable, soft and extraordinary flexibility.  Jacaru hand selects all their premium hides by experienced Jacaru craftspeople. 

If you want to purchase an outback hat, you should consider purchasing a Jacaru Outback Hat.  You canít find a better quality hat for the price youíll pay.  These hats are very reasonably priced and offer a great value for someone not wanting to overpay for an outback hat. 

Even though Jacaru makes all their hats in Australia, they still are able to ship around the world.